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The answer to the riddle "What goes up but never goes down?" is "age." Age is a measure of the elapsed time since a person's birth. As time can only progress and cannot be reversed, age must only increase.


Business meeting minutes should contain a heading, the time of the meeting, a statement regarding quorum, notes on specific items, and a time that the meeting concluded. Business meeting notes serve legal purposes, and responsible parties should maintain them appropriat...


A typical cover letter includes contact information, a greeting, an introductory paragraph, body content with compelling information about the applicant and a closing. The purpose of including all of these elements is to persuade the hiring manager that a candidate is w...


A military letter of recommendation should include information about how the writer is connected to the person being recommended, demonstrate an understanding of the person's professional and academic experience, show a familiarity with the candidate's work goals and me...


A simple release form typically contains sections to denote the name of the person or party releasing rights, the name of the person or entity receiving the rights and a short description of the rights in question. Some forms may also include additional areas to cover s...


Steamed vegetables and rice pair well with fish. Proteins and fruits, such as lentils and apricots, can also be combined with vegetables to complete a fish meal.


Purple is the color that goes best with green. Purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, and when paired together, it makes green stand out.