Refined foods are foods altered from their original state. In exchange for altering the texture of the original grain or sugar, nutrients are lost and shelf-life is generally increased. More »

Refined grains are unhealthy because the milling process, which is designed to increase a product's shelf life, strips out healthy fiber and nutrients that have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, certain c... More »

Foods that spike blood sugar level include red meat, whole milk, packaged foods, fast foods, white rice and bread and sugary drinks, claims Everyday Health. These foods also contribute to unhealthy weight and heart disea... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

Cocoa, broccoli, kale, dandelion greens and black coffee are bitter foods. Grapefruit, mustard greens, olives, some types of citrus fruits and bitter melon are also bitter foods. More »

The term "processed food" describes a large variety of foods that have been changed from their original form. These foods fall on a spectrum of minimally processed foods to extremely heavily processed foods; they can eit... More » Food Food Facts

Acidic foods include citrus fruits such as lemons, as well as artificial sweeteners, white flour and alcohol. According to Greenopedia, foods that are inherently acidic can lower the pH value of the blood when consumed. More » Food Food Facts

Foods that contain derivatives of algae include ice cream, milk, syrup, icing, fruit juice, salad dressing, whipped topping, milk shakes, cheese topping, flan and custard. Brown algae, or alginates, are kelp products use... More »