There are a number of ways to determine the ethnicity of last names, including online databases such as Ancestry, The Internet Surname Database, the Family Education Family Name History tool and MyHeritage. The most popu... More » Education

Surnames do not perfectly indicate ethnicity due to the fact that modern surnames in English are generally patrilineal, meaning the family inherits the name from the father and excludes the mother's line of descent. Surn... More » provides an extensive database of last names, their meanings and histories. also has a genealogy section with a surname database, including countries of origin for names. Once you know yo... More »

Ancestry, Family Education, Ancestor Search and The Internet Surname Database are some websites that provide the national origin of last names. The websites also provide histories and meanings of many surnames. More » Education

The Internet Surname Database and Behind the Name are databases for searching last names either by full specific name or the first letter of a surname. As of 2015, neither website requires any level of membership to take... More » Education

The Internet Surname Database provides meanings and historical origins of over 49,000 last names. provides name meaning and distribution without historical origin but covers a greater number of last names. More » Education

The Internet Surname Database allows for general history to be researched about specific last names. MyHeritage Genealogy search allows for a more detailed research site and uses last and first names to search public rec... More » Education