Foxes are considered omnivores, which means they eat meat as well as vegetables and fruits. They are opportunistic animals and eat just about anything available to them. More »

A red fox is an omnivore. Approximately 95 percent of its diet consists of meat that is both scavenged and hunted. Worms and insects may constitute the other 4 percent and fruit the remaining 1 percent. More » Pets & Animals Mammals

Foxes do eat rabbits. In the food chain, rabbits are primary consumers that are herbivores, and foxes are secondary consumers. Secondary consumers can be either omnivores or carnivores. The fox is an omnivore, so while t... More »

Wolves will eat any type of meat from deer and mice to fish and even livestock. They are carnivorous animals that only eat meat and will eat any type of meat they can find. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Wolves

Being omnivores that will eat whatever is available, foxes will hunt, kill and eat a wide variety of small mammals, including squirrels. A fox hunts by stalking its prey and then, after getting as close as possible, will... More »

Kit foxes are the smallest American Canids, with a maximum weight of about 6 pounds. They are mostly carnivorous, but will turn to plant foods, including fruits, when prey are scarce. They have a wide range in North Amer... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Wolves

Although there are 37 species that are called foxes, only 12 are true foxes belonging to the genus Vulpes. The best known true foxes are the red fox, gray fox, fennec fox, swift fox, kit fox and arctic fox. Foxes can be ... More »