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Topoisomerase IV is one of two Type II topoisomerases in bacteria, the other being DNA gyrase.Like gyrase, topoisomerase IV is able to pass one double-strand of DNA through another double-strand of DNA, thereby changing the linking number of DNA by two in each enzymatic step. Both share a hetero-4-mer structure formed by a symmetric homodimer of A/B heterodimers, usually named ParC and ParE


Discovery. In the 1970s, James C. Wang was the first to discover a topoisomerase when he identified E. coli topoisomerase I. Topo EC-codes are as follows: type I, EC; type II: EC Function. The overall function of DNA topoisomerase is to manage the topological state of the DNA in the cell. There are two types or families of this enzyme; type I family and type II family.


So a toposiomerase is an enzyme which aids in the negative supercooling of the DNA, so as to release the “tension" from the DNA, thereby, promoting the unwinding of the coiled DNA. There are basically two types of toposiomerases: 1. Type 1, which ...


Topoisomerase: A class of enzymes that alter the supercoiling of double-stranded DNA. (In supercoiling the DNA molecule coils up like a telephone cord, which shortens the molecule.) The topoisomerases act by transiently cutting one or both strands of the DNA.


Topoisomerase I is catalytically active as a 100-kDa monomer and is concentrated in nucleoli, although smaller amounts are found in a diffuse nuclear distribution. The gene for this enzyme is located on human chromosome 20q12–13.2. Topoisomerase I does not require ATP for catalytic activity.

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Topoisomerase 1 and 2 mechanism - Duration: 16:55. Shomu's Biology 72,232 views. 16:55. Eye Splice a Rope - How to Eye Splice a 3 Strand Rope - Easy to Follow Splicing (Revisited) ...


Topoisomerase: are isomerase enzymes that act on the topology of DNA Helicase untwists the double helix and separates the template DNA strands at the replication fork. This untwisting causes ...


Type II topoisomerases cut both strands of the DNA helix simultaneously in order to manage DNA tangles and supercoils.They use the hydrolysis of ATP, unlike Type I topoisomerase.In this process, these enzymes change the linking number of circular DNA by ±2.


Topoisomerase is an enzyme which participates in the unwinding of DNA helix….During transcription and DNA replication, the DNA needs to be unwound in order for the ...