Mesopotamia definition, an ancient region in W Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers: now part of Iraq. See more.

Mesopotamia (from the Greek, meaning 'between two rivers') was an ancient region located in the eastern Mediterranean bounded... ... In the words of Bertman:.

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Mesopotamia is a historical region of Western Asia situated within the Tigris– Euphrates river ... Later, the term Mesopotamia was more generally applied to all the lands between the Euphrates and the .... Cuneiform literally means "wedge- shaped", due to the triangular tip of the stylus used for impressing signs on wet clay.

Mesopotamia is a Greek word meaning 'between the rivers'. The rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates which flow through modern Iraq. The Euphrates also flows ...

Nov 30, 2017 ... The word “mesopotamia” is formed from the ancient words “meso,” meaning between or in the middle of, and “potamos” meaning river. Situated ...

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Meaning: "a country between two rivers," from fem. of mesopotamos, from ... that comfortable word Mesopotamia" ["Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable," 1870].

From the Classical Latin Mesopotamia, from the Koine Greek Μεσοποταμία ( Mesopotamía), a feminine substantive form of the adjective μεσοποτάμιος ...