Although the Chinese government has stated that rainfall measurements were recorded as early as 3,000 years ago during the Chou dynasty, the first instrument designed specifically to collect and measure rainfall was inve... More »

To make a rain gauge, you need a 2-liter plastic bottle, duct tape, scissors, a laminated paper ruler, small pebbles, water and a marker. The process takes approximately 10 minutes or less and creates a functional rain g... More » Science Weather & Tides Rain

To read a rain gauge, view the rain level, note the closest marking and carefully determine the measurement. While reading the gauge is easy, mistakes can occur. More » Science Weather & Tides Rain

The oldest musical instrument is the bone flute and this instrument dates back 40,000 years. The assembly of bird bones are responsible for this ancient instrument. More »

The Zhou Dynasty, also spelled "Chou," was the longest dynasty in the history of China. Though exact dates are unknown, scholars and archaeologists place the Zhou Dynasty reign from about 1046 B.C. to 256 B.C. More »

A major figure in Greek myth, Perseus, a son of Zeus, founded Mycenae and established the Perseid dynasty of Danaans in honor of his mother. His exploits, principally his beheading of the Gorgon Medusa, form one of the b... More »

According to historical records, the Flemish population of northern France probably invented the trombone, although the exact origins of the instrument remain uncertain. The trombone appeared in the middle of the 15th ce... More »