Despite popular belief, the Queens Guard aren't purely ceremonial. While serving as the Queen's Guard they protect official royal residences, but they are also fully trained and operational soldiers. More »

Unfortunately, there is no WhitePages listing specifically for Queens, New York; however, all residents and businesses within Queens exist in the larger New York, N.Y., listing on the WhitePages website. The site allows ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

Even though paintings and movies often depict Cleopatra as a great beauty, historians do not have very much information about how she actually looked, states Smithsonian Magazine. In the images that survive on ancient co... More » History Ancient History Ancient Egypt

The Queen's Guard are the soldiers stationed at the official royal residences, such as Buckingham Palace. These soldiers are also stationed at St. James' Palace, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, the Palace of Holyroo... More »

The Queen issues money every Easter on Thursday, otherwise known as Maundy Thursday. The Queen issues special Maundy money to pensioners in recognition of elderly people and their service to churches and communities. More »

Guard cells help a plant regulate the process of photosynthesis as its environment changes. They increase and decrease in size as needed to retain or release gases essential to cellular function. More »

Cutters of the United States Coast Guard include: Icebreaker, High Endurance Cutter, Polar Class Icebreaker, Patrol Boat, Fast Response Cutter, Inland Construction Tender, River Buoy Tender, Training Barque Eagle, Seagoi... More » Government & Politics Military