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Statutory sealing of a file is the sealing of a file in accordance with the law provided in the statute. Statutes may have specific provisions authorizing a court to seal or limit the disclosure of files, affidavits, documents, or other materials, whether at a pretrial or trial stage. Generally Statutorily sealed documents are confidential.


Court Records Frequently Asked Questions Information about the Court File. What does the term "court file" mean? What information is contained in a court file pertaining to a criminal or motor vehicle matter?


Does Any One Know What Statutorily Sealed Mean? Updated on July 24, 2009 C.V. asks from North Haven, CT on July 23, 2009 7 answers. My son's dad has a case pending but it states it's Statutorily Sealed, I have no idea what this means and some say it's when there is a minor involved which could be my son. How can I get more information? Respond ...


Statutory Created, defined, or relating to a statute; required by statute; conforming to a statute. A statutory penalty, for example, is punishment in the form of a fine, prison sentence, or both, that is imposed against an offender for committing some statutory violation. statutoryadjective according to law, authorized, established, fixed, lawful ...


What does statutorily sealed mean? Cocaine in car charged as addict not seller, criminal completed drug/alcohol class, did not do community service and had to, did not show up to last court to be all cleared, had 2 arrest orders.


Definition of statutorily in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of statutorily. What does statutorily mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word statutorily. Information about statutorily in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.


Statutorily definition, of, relating to, or of the nature of a statute. See more.


A friend of a friend in currently in jail. He had court yesterday and when she went to the website to check the status of the case but it says the case has been statutorily sealed. Does anyone know what this means? TYIA


Section 11-20(a), in turn, states the general rule that courts not order court proceedings or files to be sealed. Subsection (b) allows a court to seal a file "if the judicial authority concludes that such order is necessary to preserve an interest which is determined to override the public's interest in attending such proceedings or viewing ...


""Statutorily eradicated generally means erased by statute. For example, a statute may provide that records of juvenile offenses are removed from official records when the juvenile becomes an adult and certain conditions are met. It is a process t...