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The SE designation on a car typically stands for "special edition." It can also stand for "sport edition" or a special trim package.


DOE is an acronym that stands for Depending on Experience, and it is an indication that an open job position's salary is based on the amount of experience the job candidate has. The more work experience someone has in a particular field, the higher the salary generally ...


The acronym “HTTP” stands for hypertext transfer protocol and appears at the front of every Internet address. HTTP is the method that browsers use to communicate with servers on the Internet, allowing computers to communicate with each other over different networks.


Ba Sing Se is a fictional city featured in the Nickelodeon shows "Avatar: the Last Airbender" and "Legend of Korra." It is the capital of the Earth Kingdom and is known for its great size and impenetrable walls.


The 2009 Ford Focus has four trim levels, with the S being the base level. The next highest trim level is the SE, which is followed by the SES and the SEL. The SE includes power windows and doors and offers additional audio options. The SES has larger wheels and a spoil...


The .net domain is derived from the word "network," as the .net suffix was intended for use by networking organizations, and primarily Internet services providers. Due to a lack of enforcement of those original guidelines, the .net domain is now in general use.


Software that uses Java coding is considered a binary, or executable, file that runs off of the Java platform. The SE portion stands for Standard Edition, which is commonly installed on computers to provide the Java platform for web-based applications and games such as ...