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What Does Scattered Thunderstorms Mean? Scattered thunderstorms are more numerous in nature and cover a larger area. Here, your chances of seeing thunderstorm activity are significantly higher. At any given time, between 30-50% of the forecast area is covered by storms.


The difference between scattered and isolated is in the extent of coverage and the associated likelihood, or probability, of measurable precipitation associated with the storms.


I'm a wife to a WEATHER DUDE. Scattered thunderstorms means it's a hit and miss storm. It could hit Toontown but miss Mainstreet. There is thunder and lightening so do take cover if it is a hit where you are. They usually don't last long so don't leave. It also means after the storms hit it gets extremely humid!! Hope that helps.


What does isolated thunderstorms mean in weather reports? Whether a storm is scattered or isolated has nothing to do with the intensity or severity of the storms. The difference lies in the ...


Scattered thunderstorms are thunderstorms in the 30-40% chance category. They are generally weak, widespread short thunderstorms that turn on and off due to a storm system moving over the area.


T-storms are thunderstorms abbreviated. Scattered means that thunderstorms means that between 30 and 50 percent of an area will be impacted by thunderstorms


The meaning of the words isolated, scattered and widespread is a common source of confusion in weather forecasting. Let's clear the air.


Scattered thunderstorms mean that there are storms in the area and they may appear in scattered locations. So one town may get a storm but the town right next to it will not. 0 0 0


Scattered thunderstorms mean that they are spotty, not huge systems. So you might see one off in the distance or hear that it's raining in Epcot, but in the MK you are dry. Or vice versa. A PM thunderstorm means that around 3 pm the air gets so thick and humid you think you're gonna die, and then it rains for 15 minutes and cools things down.


The National Weather Service will call for an isolated chance of storms if there’s a 10 to 20 percent chance of thunderstorms that day, meaning any storms that do form will likely be few and far ...