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Does it mean that the person is free of charges or would that be stated?I know the person has been released due to an order of the court. Does this generally only happen when the charges are misdemenors or can it happen with felonys? Can it be for rehab or ankle monitoring ...


Not necessarily. It just means that a court has issued an Order regarding Conditions of Release and an Order regarding appointment of counsel (attorney). The Conditions of Release could include release on own recognizance, third-party release, requirement of a bond, or an order holding the person non-bondable.


Just because you have a blanket purchase order does not mean you can start sending your products to the customer whenever you are ready. A blanket purchase order requires a release against that PO to authorize a purchase. The release is final authorization for you to make a delivery of the products for which a blanket PO has been issued.

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Supervised release does not replace a portion of the sentence of imprisonment, like parole. A supervised release is given in addition to the time spent in prison. The offender released on supervised release is supervised by the U.S. probation officers. The offender must report regularly to his or her assigned probation officer.


what does release by court order mean? ... It means the court ordered a release concerning something or someone. As in, the release of information, evidence, or to release a prisoner from jail, etc. Absolutely, they are, "releasing," him from jail time on the condition he completes rehab.


Daer Sir,what happened when we release any prodution order means what difference in production order without release.what effect on production order when confermation process has done.pl guide me


An order issued by an accountable supply system manager (usually an inventory control point or accountable depot or stock point) directing a non-accountable activity (usually a storage site or materiel drop point) within the same supply distribution complex to release and ship materiel.


A judge can order a PR bond or other type of bond. However, most states prohibit courts from limiting bonds to cash only bonds. For states with more intensive pretrial release programs, the posting of the bond is only the first step. Pretrial Release Conditions. Every state has its own set of rules for pretrial release.


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