A rattlesnake can be identified by the hard, segmented rattle growth located at the tip of its tail. This rattle produces a buzzing sound when vibrated. More »

According to The Natural Source, a site funded by Northern State University and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, bullsnakes have long, slender bodies with pointed tails, while rattlesnakes have thick bodies an... More »

A jeep engine looks like a large metal configuration with injection cylinders, fuel lines and connections that ensure effective operation. Visitors can find full-sized diagrams of jeep engines by visiting WiringsDiagrams... More »

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The sound that a rattlesnake makes is a buzzing sound that results from the vibrating of the segmented rattle at the end of a rattlesnake's tail. The rattle and the buzzing sound are the primary distinguishing characteri... More »

A rattlesnake reproduces when a male presses his tail beneath a female's tail to inseminate the female. This is accomplished over several hours when the male lays on top of the passive female and makes jerking motions wi... More »

A rattlesnake's habitat depends largely on its species. This type of animal needs a large terrarium to accommodate its size. One side of the container must be warmer than the other to allow the snake to moderate its body... More »

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The 33 known species of rattlesnake are all native to North, Central or South America. They are one of the newest groups of species to evolve, as well as the most sophisticated. In addition to their potent venom and long... More »

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