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Meaning "scheme, proposal, mental plan" is from c.1600. Meaning "group of low-rent apartment buildings" first recorded 1935, American English, short for housing project (1932). Related: Projects. Project manager attested from 1913.


Definition of project in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of project. What does project mean? Information and translations of project in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


project definition: 1. a piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular purpose: 2. a study of a particular subject done over a period of time, especially by students: 3. to calculate an amount or number expected in the future from…. Learn more.


Choose the Right Synonym for project. Noun. plan, design, plot, scheme, project mean a method devised for making or doing something or achieving an end. plan always implies mental formulation and sometimes graphic representation. plans for a house design often suggests a particular pattern and some degree of achieved order or harmony.


What does CPI mean in project management? Cost Performance Index. It is a way of determining the value of work done divided by the actual cost of doing the work at the point of assessment, and ...


In this post I join around 80 international bloggers and project management experts to answer the question: “What does project management mean to me?”. This is my project manager’s sermon — my Project Management Flash Blog — and it is quite a long read … It may just surprise you.


proj·ect (prŏj′ĕkt′, -ĭkt) n. 1. An undertaking requiring concerted effort: a community cleanup project; a government-funded irrigation project. 2. An extensive task undertaken by a student or group of students to apply, illustrate, or supplement classroom lessons. 3. A plan or proposal for accomplishing something. See Synonyms at plan. 4. also ...


Project management, then, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. It has always been practiced informally, but began to emerge as a distinct profession in the mid-20th century.


It means that, rather than picking up on how you actually are feeling, the other party prematurely assumes to understand how you're feeling, based on their own machinations. For example, suppose you are grieving a loss, such as the death of a pet...