The flavor of pheasant meat varies depending on whether the bird was farm-raised or a wild bird. Farm-raised pheasant typically tastes like a richer version of chicken, while wild pheasant generally has a gamey flavor ch... More »

According to Exotic Meats, goose tastes like well-done roast beef. Goose tends to taste different from other types of game such as pheasant or wild turkey due to the fat content. More »

A jackfruit tastes similar to a mango and includes notes of peach and pear. The flavor is tropical and the fruit has a somewhat mealy texture. More »

The best way to remove a wild bird from a garage is to let the bird fly out on its own. In the United States, many bird species have federal protection, including hummingbirds and migratory songbirds. More »

Cooked lobster can be reheated through a variety of methods that preserves its taste and texture. The recommended methods include steaming, microwaving, grilling and baking. More » Food Food Facts Meat, Poultry & Seafood

A saltwater favorite, the John Dory fish has a mild taste with a firm texture. This fish, with its minimally sweet flavor and flaky meat, is prepared in a variety of ways. However, for best results, skin is left intact. More »

Squirrel flesh has a distinct taste that cannot be easily compared to any other type of meat. Sweeter than chicken and richer than rabbit, squirrel meat can be used in a variety of dishes. More »