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Synonyms: periodic, sporadic, intermittent, occasional These adjectives all mean recurring or reappearing now and then. Something periodic occurs at regular or unsurprising intervals: periodic disruptions in electricity.Sporadic implies scattered, irregular, unpredictable, or isolated instances: spies who could manage only sporadic contact.. Intermittent describes something that stops and ...


The periodic table includes other information besides numbers. Now that you know what the numbers mean, you can learn how to predict periodicity of element properties and how to use the periodic table in calculations.


What does the word periodic mean on the periodic table? The word "periodic" means recurring in a predictable pattern. It's the same as a magazine that is published bi-weekly being called a ...


What does periodic mean? Looking for the meaning or definition of the word periodic? Here's what it means. Adjective. Relative to a period or periods. Having repeated cycles. Occurring at regular intervals. Periodical. (astronomy) Pertaining to the revolution of a celestial object in its orbit.


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Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), the only movement disorder that occurs only during sleep, is repetitive cramping or jerking of the legs during sleep. Find out more from WebMD.


Periodic table in chemistry (1889) is from notion of the arrangement, in which similar properties recur at intervals in elements in the same area as you read down the rows of the table. This sense of the word is attested from 1872 (periodic law).


The word "period" is the key to the meaning of periodic, because something periodic can happen only after a period of time.Periodic visits to the vet are a good way to make sure that your pet stays healthy. Why not just use "occasional," you ask.