Oxygen is a highly reactive and very abundant element that reacts with many things, including, as the University of California, Davis' ChemWiki points out, the reaction it has with hydrogen, which creates water. This ele... More »

Calcium is a metallic element that burns when introduced to oxygen to form calcium oxide. The red and white flame burns intensely, resulting in a white powder. More »

Iron rusts when it comes in contact with oxygen and water. It rusts faster in acid rain and salty water. Both oxygen and water are necessary for rusting, which is an oxidation reaction. More »

A metal hydroxide and hydrogen gas form when a metal reacts with water. The metal hydroxide is a strong base. Reactions between a metal (especially an alkali metal) and water usually produce a violent scene. More »

The most abundant element on Earth is oxygen, but the most abundant element in the entire universe is hydrogen. On Earth, oxygen makes up approximately 47 percent of the Earth's mass and is found both in Earth's atmosphe... More »

When French scientist Antoine Lavoisier discovered that hydrogen was a necessary component in water in 1783, he named the element "hydrogen," derived from the Greek words "hydro" and "genes." Together, these two Greek wo... More »

The most abundant elements in ocean water are hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements that constitute the water molecule. Excluding the water molecule, the most abundant elements in ocean water are sodium and chlorine. More »