Things that do not belong worksheet for preschool and kindergarten students. Students cross out the objects which do not belong to the group. Part of a ...

Each row on this prekindergarten science worksheet has four pictures. One picture does not belong! Kids circle the odd picture out.

After reading through each group of words, he'll need to choose which word does not fit in the rhyming group. What makes one word rhyme with another?

**FREE** Identify the Item That Does Not Belong Worksheet. Reinforce your preschooler concept of sorting and categorizing by identify which item does not ...

These print and go worksheets are perfect for switching up your category activities! ... students explain why the item they selected does not belong with the others.

In this section you'll find lots of free printable worksheets for kids. This page is all ... Simply cross out the picture in each row that does not belong with the others.

In this worksheet, students are shown several geometric shapes and are asked to circle the shape that does not belong. They must explain their choice.

Things That Do And Don't Belong With A Theme Worksheets - This worksheet ... Trees and Water - Cross out what does not belong in the tree and underwater.

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("things that are round" theme) Worksheet is perfect to practice math skills. ... Circle the item that does not belong in each group (circle, ball, orange, soap).