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“There” is an interesting and versatile word. In general it means “in that place,” as in, “I saw you there,” or, “Please leave your gift on the table there.” It also has an expletive function; that is it is used to construct sentences in which it ...

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A descriptive phrase (originally coined by Gertrude Stein) now used to convey an utter lack of substance or veracity as it pertains to the subject under discussion. Alternatively, the phrase can be used as a literal absence of a physical location.


Is ‘There is no there there’ a normal and very natural expression? I was amused to find the phrase, ‘There is no there there’ in the article titled, ‘Wrong resume’ in today’s New York Times commenting on Mitt Romney’s proposition for amending the Constitution to require the President to have at least three years business experience before he could become president of the United ...


With Trump, there’s no there there. That is, no substance—not if substance is taken to mean a coherent set of policy proposals. Further reading . Oakland, California § “There is no there there” on Wikipedia. Wikipedia ; There's no there there at Urban Dictionary


Definition of there in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of there. What does there mean? Information and translations of there in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


there is no love lost between (two people) there is no mistaking someone or something; There is no pleasure without pain; There is no rest for the weary; There is no royal road to learning; there is no saying; there is no such animal; there is no such thing; There is nothing new under the sun; there is reason in the roasting of eggs; There is ...


Over the years the phrase "there is no there there" has come to mean someone or something lacking interest or individuality; a mere existence, empty at the core. - InvisibleSun 00:08, 8 September 2007 (UTC) . "There there is no there" has come to express the anonymity and blandness of suburban development...

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Definition of there, there in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of there, there. What does there, there mean? Information and translations of there, there in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


A few days ago Spicer said about the Russian ties that "there continues to be no there there," to mean there is no substance to the accusations. Pelosi said it about Trump's speech, probably just because it's a fairly common phrase.


@flo That’s up to each individual. I have ideas of what stupid means to me, and other people have their own definitions. We each get to decide. @zenvelo has added something important. This quote is used to describe a lack of substance.