Last names or surnames have a variety of meanings, depending on where they originated. Surnames typically originate from a male ancestor's first name, an area or landmark where the family lived, the occupation of an ance... More » Education

Some common Polish last names include Adamczyk, Dudek, Gorski and Jedynak. Most Polish last names fall into different categories such as geographical, patronymic or metronymic, descriptive, and occupational names. More » Education

One way to find out the nationality of a last name is to determine in what country the suffix originated. Prefixes are another method of discovering a name's origin, as many of them mean "of," "from" or "the." More »

Italian surnames generally originate from a Latin root; therefore, the meanings behind the words can be discovered by examining their etymology. The most common Italian surname is "Rossi," which comes from the Latin word... More » Education

Some online sites that allow people to search for their surnames and find their meaning are,,, and A user can enter a name into the site's search engine to locat... More » Education

The five most common surnames in Hungary are Nagy, Horvath, Kovacs, Szabo and Toth. Other popular surnames in Hungary are Varga, Kiss, Molnar, Nemeth and Farkas. Many surnames in Hungarian derive from occupational terms. More » Education

Four of the most popular names of early 2015 are Liam and Noah for boys, and Emma and Olivia for girls. Liam means "strong-willed warrior" or "protector," while Noah is Hebrew for "rest" and "comfort." Olivia is taken fr... More » Education