According to, the taste of crocodile meat is similar to chicken and frog legs. It also has a taste similar to birds in general, including turkey. The meat has a low fat content and is low in cholestero... More »

Turtle meat tastes most like veal and can be cooked in a variety of ways. The best results are when the turtle is tenderized and cleaned properly. More »

Alligator meat is a firm, white meat with a mild, delicate flavor. Some describe it as tasting similar to chicken or frogs' legs. The meat from the tail is generally considered to be the best cut. More » Food Cooking

According to Live Science, crocodiles are able to produce up to 5,000 pounds of pressure per square inch when they bite something. This gives the crocodile enough power to bite through a human leg or arm with no problem.... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles

Both sharks and crocodiles are apex ambush predators, so it is likely that the winner in a combat situation is the one that strikes first. Sharks and crocodiles do not usually hunt and kill each other. However, there are... More »

Physical differences between alligators and crocodiles include their skin color, the shapes of their jaws and their teeth placement. Other differences include their environments and aggressiveness. More »

Chicken snakes can be dangerous; however, they are not venomous and will only attack by biting or striking a person if they feel threatened. The term "chicken snake" is a nickname for the species, which is known as the "... More »