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And if, I said, the male and female sex appear to differ in their fitness for any art or pursuit, we should say that such pursuit or art ought to be assigned to one or the other of them; but if the difference consists only in women bearing and men begetting children, this does not amount to a proof that a woman differs from a man in respect of ...


Looking for the meaning or definition of the word male? Here's what it means. Adjective. Belonging to the masculine gender (social category). (biology) Typical of, or typically found in, the male of a species. [from 16-17th c.] (grammar) Masculine; of the masculine grammatical gender.


A scorpio male told em a few weeks ago that he just wanted to be friends after wanting me for so long. We got in an argument before it, but when we made up, he said this. Then a couple days ago, he sent me a message that said "sex". It confused me ? What does he mean. does he want me again or is he checking if i still want him? What do you think he's doing, guys? help me out Leo ...


The male gaze takes many forms, but can be identified by situations where female characters are controlled by, and mostly exist in terms of what they represent to, the hero.


Originally Answered: When someone says they are a “transgender male” does that mean they were a male turned into female or female that is now a male? Transgender male (which is not a term I see trans people using very often, many binary folks will prefer trans man), means someone who was assigned female at birth. No one “turns into ...


But a person's gender identity -- the inner sense of being male, female, or both -- doesn't always match their biology. Transgender people say they were assigned a sex that isn't true to who they are.

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Omega male in social terms is an outsider yet notable for distinction, someone worthy who does not conform to the existing peer hierarchy. It has been said that an Omega is someone of zero worth, as ethologist use Alpha, Beta and Omega in pack descriptions with omega being the lowest position. This has little to do with the socially developed human hierarchy originally used by sorority sisters ...


Male, which is applied to plants and animals as well as to human beings, is a biological or physiological descriptor, classifying individuals on the basis of their potential or actual ability to inseminate in bisexual reproduction. It contrasts with female in all such uses: his oldest male relative; the male parts of the flower.