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The symbol "mAh"—note the capitalization—means "milliampere hour." This is a unit of electric charge, and it's the most common way to express the capacity of small batteries. (Bigger batteries are labeled in ampere hours; 1 Ah = 1000 mAh.) You can...


When we talk about rechargeable batteries and their duration, we often refer to mAh.. But what exactly does it mean? First of all, it’s important to know that mAh is the abbreviation for milliampere hour, namely the 1000th of an ampere hour (Ah).. Ampere hour is the amount of energy stored in a battery that allows one ampere of current to flow for one hour.


What is the difference between 1850 mAh and 2850 mAh in rechargeable batteries? One lasts longer than the other Short answer: a 2850 mAh will last quite a bit longer than an 1850 mAh.


What does mAh mean on rechargeable batteries? (and more in detail)? hi, i have looked up what a mAh is, and looked at other questions that are like this on here. im 14 and dont have much...well smarts at all. i got a Kodak EasyShare CD12 camera (it eats up batteries very quick) a few days ago and a pack of rechargeable Energizer +|AA batteries.


What does mAh mean? When you see ‘mAh’ on the side of a battery, you’re looking at a small battery. Larger batteries are measured in Ah, ampere hours. The mAh is the abbreviation for milliampere hour which is a measurement of energy stored in a battery.


The first battery would power the phone for five hours, as 1000 divided by 200 equals five. But the second battery would power the phone for ten hours, as it has double the capacity of the first. While a larger number indicates battery power, larger mAh batteries may not be better if it is a poor quality battery.


mAH Specification of a Battery- Explained. ... A battery with a mAH specification of 10,000mA can provide 10000mA for 1 hour of time. Being that batteries are sources of power and give out current when connected to a closed circuit, all batteries, whether standard or rechargeable, provide current. Being that they provide current, they come with ...


What does mAh when buying batteries stand for? budpak. 118 Likes. Like if this guide is helpful. September 28, 2008. mAh stands for milli Ampere hour or milli Amp hour. It is a measure of a battery's energy storage capacity. ... 4Pcs 4600mAh Flashlight Rechargeable Battery 18650 3.7V High-capacity From USA Image.


The mAh stands for milli-Ampere-hours and indicates how much electric charge the battery can provide. For example, if you discharge your battery through a circuit that requires 1 milli-Ampere of current it will last 800 hours before the battery runs down.


Using rechargeable batteries reduces household waste massively. Globally, 15 billion ordinary batteries are thrown away every year, all of which end up in landfill sites. Rechargeable batteries can be reused again and again which significantly reduces the impact disposable batteries have on the environment.