To pay a Lowe's bill online go to the "Lowe's Consumer Credit Account Login" page on the Lowe's website. Customers need to have an online account or set one up before making an online payment. More »

According to the research site Pay Scale, Lowes pays its employees varying rates depending on their positions in the company. Employees that receive less than $8 per hour include cashiers, customer service assistants, lo... More »

Home improvement shoppers interested in a Lowe's credit card may apply in person at any Lowe's store or online by visiting the Lowe's website and selecting Lowe's Credit Center from the top menu. The website provides inf... More »

As of March 2015, State Farm customers can pay their bill online by visiting the insurance billing options page of the official State Farm website. Customers must log into their accounts or register for an account in ord... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

To pay a gas bill online, visit the company's website, log in to your account, and go to the bill payment page. The exact process varies depending on the company. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

You can view your Comcast bill online by logging into your account through the Xfinity login page. From there, you can view your current bill as well as see bills from the past 12 months. More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Customers can pay their DirectTV bill online by logging in to their DirectTV online account, selecting Pay Now from the overview page, entering their payment information and clicking Make Payment. Customers can pay onlin... More »