Bat bites, if visible at all, look similar to a pin prick, states Orkin. Bat teeth are very small, and consequently, there are no clear tooth marks or indentations when a person is bitten by a bat. More »

A basic histogram appears as a group of bars of various heights as a representation of the distribution of numerical data. While similar to a bar chart, a histogram differs in that it groups data - such as height, weight... More » Math Data Graphs

A trochanter roll is formed by first folding, then rolling soft materials such as towels, diapers or linens into a cylindrical shape similar to a tall, round canister. A trochanter roll supports the hip area in patients ... More » Food Cooking Bread

Topical treatments for ant bites include apple-cider vinegar, ice, aloe vera, tea-tree oil, calamine, soap and aspirin, according to FindHomeRemedy. Some other remedies are toothpaste, tea bags, salt, alcohol and baking ... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites

Insect bites from various insects, but mosquitos in particular, can cause bruising or dark spots to emerge, as reported by Mayo Clinic. Topical treatments containing cortisone are normally prescribed to relieve the itchi... More » Health Insect & Animal Bites

Leech bites can cause severe allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive to the proteins released when leeches attach themselves to human skin. Leech bites can also cause infection if the leech is pulled off the ... More »

Flea bites typically go away on their own, but over-the-counter antihistamine medications and anti-itch creams can provide relief for humans with flea bites, according to Healthline. Individuals should avoid scratching t... More »