Easter dinnerware typically features spring colors, floral patterns or Easter-themed illustrations, depending on the manufacturer, but it may also come in classic white designs. Some Easter dinnerware items have shapes t... More »

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Doves and pigeons are birds belonging to the clade Columbidae, a group characterized by their plump bodies, short necks, round heads and compact, slender bills. Plumage and size vary greatly by species; the largest membe... More »

An invoice is a bill from one business to another that has both businesses' contact information and a date of billing or payment. The invoice contains a breakdown of any items or services purchased and the total amount d... More »

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Most Western Christian churches in the United States observe Easter on the first Sunday following the paschal full moon, on or just after the spring equinox. Some Eastern churches use a different calendar and observe Eas... More »

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Easter 2014 occurred on April 20 for Western Christian and Eastern Orthodox churches. The two religious traditions often celebrate Easter on different days, with the Eastern Orthodox churches celebrating up to two weeks ... More »

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The general iconography of bunnies and chicks, particularly the Easter Bunny, associated with Easter has roots in paganism and the celebration of spring and fertility. It was later incorporated into the Christian traditi... More »

For those who wonder why do we celebrate Easter, it's because it marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is a holiday that is honored by Christians around the world, usually on a Sunday. More »