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Mean Well makes enclosed, LED, DIN rail, open frame and external switching power supplies. The company manufactures the LPC-150 LED, HSN-300 single-panel power supply, the PSC-35 single-output security power supply, and the LRS-200 enclosed AC/DC single-output power sup...


Being human can mean many things, and it varies from person to person, but it is often summarized as a response to the human condition or as the condition itself. The human condition involves the problems arising from being a finite, conscious being.


In spiritual studies, 444 symbolizes angelic protection and divine messages. According to Doreen Virtue, author of "Angel Numbers," when an individual encounters the combination of 444, he is surrounded by multiple angels and there is nothing to fear.


What two things are compared, the positive attributes and similarities between them are judged in relation to each other. It may also be decided if one item has superior qualities to the other.


"Texting" is short for text messaging, which is the act of sending a text message through mobile-to-mobile technology. As technology has advanced, the act of texting includes picture, video and audio messaging.


IP44 refers to a type of lighting approved for use in some areas of the bathroom. The IP code stands for International Protection Rating, which is also called the Ingress Protection Rating.


A federation is a country with a united central government that is made up of separate units that each control its own internal affairs. The United States is one example of a federation.