Random access memory, or RAM, is a volatile yet fast type of memory used in computers. RAM is more expensive to incorporate, which is why there is usually far more direct access storage in a computer, such as hard drives... More »

In computer terminology, the word "default" refers to the response a computer is programmed to have unless the user instructs it to do something different. Default settings can be programmed by the user or by the company... More »

A computer handshake refers to the process of one computer attempting to establish a connection with another computer or device. During the "handshake" process, the computers and devices involved synchronize with one ano... More »

Random access memory, or RAM, is memory storage on a computer that holds data while the computer is running so that it can be accessed quickly by the processor. RAM holds the operating system, application programs and da... More »

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RAM is the term used to describe the memory system of computers. The amount of RAM, or random access memory, that computers contain varies widely among operating systems. All computers come with a standard amount of inte... More »

Random access memory is used to store temporary but necessary information on a computer for quick access by open programs or applications. The data stored in RAM can be accessed randomly, meaning a computer does not need... More »

HP's online store provides random access memory, or RAM, specifications for the company's Pavilion series of desktop computers. These include the HP Pavilion desktop computers 550-030z, 550-045t and 550-050qe models. More »

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