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A high-strung (or "Type-A") personality is one marked by the traits of perfectionism, competitiveness and urgency. Individuals with high-strung personalities may be praised for their ambitious or goal-centered nature, or else criticized for their lack of patience and elevated stress levels.


Definition of high-strung in the AudioEnglish.org Dictionary. Meaning of high-strung. What does high-strung mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word high-strung. Information about high-strung in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.


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What does it mean to be "high strung"? Do you consider it a neutral trait or a negative one? (self.AskWomen) ... I'm high strung, its not a good thing but I'm also not offended if people call me it because it's true. If he suggested anxiety medication, I don't think his intent with calling you high strung was malicious...seems like he thinks it ...

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From the St. Sebastian's Renaissance Guild website: WHAT DOES "HIGH STRUNG" MEAN? When a bow is "high strung" it means that when the bow is strung the height of the string from the handle is over 6 inches.This made the bow fast to shoot but over-stressed the wood causing the bow to have a very short life. When a bow fails it tends to explode.


Actually in most cases "high strung" is used in a negative connotation meaning "On edge" or " A person who becomes highly emotional about the smallest things" and in this case I can see how this is confusing. We need more context. Is this person who is referred to as "high strung" a very expressive and dramatic person?


Couldn't tell you what Irene Cara's doing these days -- fame, it turns out, is a fleeting evanescent thing -- but the Fame concept will indeed live forever, life at a New York college for the performing arts being part of the deal in the loveably wide-eyed High Strung.


Definition of high-strung in the Idioms Dictionary. high-strung phrase. What does high-strung expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. ... Write what you mean clearly and correctly. ... nervous and high-strung and full of high spirits.


also high strung, 1848 in the figurative sense, from high (adj.) + strung. Originally a musical term, with reference to stringed instruments, where it is attested from 1748. Originally a musical term, with reference to stringed instruments, where it is attested from 1748.


Define high-strung. high-strung synonyms, high-strung pronunciation, high-strung translation, English dictionary definition of high-strung. adj. Tending to be very anxious and easily agitated. adj. highly sensitive or nervous in temperament. Adj. 1. high-strung - being in a tense state jumpy,...