A grade point average, or GPA, is a numerical assessment of how well a student has performed in his or her classes. Most schools use a 4-point or 5-point scale, with scores calculated on a semester or quarterly basis, an... More »

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Information that is typically required when filling out online school applications includes basic personal information, GPA, test scores and extracurricular activities. Most schools also request additional documents or i... More »

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A good resume should sum up a job applicant's qualifications in a single page. This includes education, previous work experience, job skills and related qualities that might stand out favorably to a human resources manag... More »

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A student's grade point average is calculated by adding the grade points he has received in the classes for the credit hours he has taken and dividing that number by the total number of credit hours attempted. A grade of... More »

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In order to improve a grade point average after graduation, a college student must enroll in more undergraduate classes and pass these classes with high grades. It is advisable to take courses that pertain to the major p... More »

A 2.9 GPA represents a student's grade point average on an academic scale. A 2.9 is equivalent to an 84 percent and falls within the mid "B" range in most academic settings. More »

A 3.5 grade point average, or GPA, equals an A in letter grades. The GPA is a measurement of academic achievement at an educational institution. More »