In the United States' educational system, most high schools and colleges use a standard grade point scale for most courses, awarding four points for an A, three for a B, two for a C, one for a D and 0 for an F grade. It ... More »

The Princeton Review categorizes a 3.25 GPA, or grade point average, as equivalent to successfully completing 87 to 88 percent of required coursework or a B letter grade. A GPA is a four-point scale used to measure acade... More »

In 2013, students who were accepted into medical school achieved an average undergraduate GPA of 3.69. Between 2002 to 2013, the average undergraduate GPA of students who began a medical school program gradually increase... More » Education Colleges & Universities

To calculate one's grade point average, or GPA, divide the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted. Colleges and universities review an applicant's GPA from high school to help d... More »

A 3.2 GPA is equal to a letter grade of B, or a number grade of 87 percent. Colleges use a grading scale from 0.0 to 4.0 to establish a student's grade point average. More »

A 2.5 GPA may be converted to either a C+ or a B on the letter grade system, depending on the conversion systems used at individual colleges. The GPA is typically calculated from the credit hours within each course and t... More »

A grade of A translates to a score of 90 percent or above; B translates to a score between 89-80; C between 79-70; D between 69-60; and a grade of F below 59. The grade scale helps standardize the performance of students... More » Education K-12