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Goat is like venison in that you need to handle it right. Beef is pretty forgiving. It is very lean, unlike lamb, depending on breed. Meat goats have more fat than dairy. Nothing better than a young goat when the meat is handled right, cooked right. Low heat and not over cooked. Toss up, young deer or goat, different taste but so good.


Best Answer: It is closest to Deer Meat otherwise called Venison. It does not taste similar to Lamb at all. Goat meat is low in fat and calories, high in iron, calcium, tons of minerals that the human body needs. It is more easily digested that beef or pork. I used to raise goats for a while. We also drank ...


What does goat cheese taste like? You might have asked this question yourself. You might have tried one of the more popular types of goats cheese but wonder what other types taste of, or you may have heard that goat cheese is stinky, and something to stay away from.


Goat meat trade has been around for many decades now. Although, admittedly, many do not know that people around the world have been eating goat for so long already. This is surprising given that half of the world’s population eat goat meat. For those who have to try this meat, there is one common question ... Read More about The Common Question: What Does Goat Meat Taste Like


Throughout the Indian sub-continent, where due to religious reasons, Cow slaughter is a no no - Almost all red meat is Goat meat. Even today, fortunately, Goats are raised by letting them feed on the wild outgrowth, they are experts at grazing in hard to reach terrain and do a good job of mowing down to sand.


“What does goat milk taste like” or “what does Nigerian Dwarf goat milk taste like” are questions we’re often asked when folks visit the farm. Since we normally have fresh Nigerian Dwarf goat milk available to taste, we usually just hand them a glass.


What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like? And How Do I Use It Properly? I love cheese. I could eat it all day and with everything. There are, though, some cheeses that may not be good for every occasion or that can seem too strong.


Although goat is leaner than other kinds of animal protein, it is still considered ‘red meat’ like beef and should be consumed in moderation. Goat Cuisine. Now, just one question remains: How does it taste? Most meat comes from young goats less than a year old called kids, and are classified as cabrito (less than 3 months old) ...


He paid something like $120 for the goat and he basically got ripped off. I have two goats in a big fence in my backyard just so I don't have to mow inside. They are the stupidest animals but they will eat every blade of grass that they can get to.