The fossil record refers to the collection of physical and research evidence that paleontologists and geologists have used to prove the veracity of evolutionary theory. The physical evidence in the fossil record comes fr... More »

Fossils are important evidence of evolution because they clearly show the incremental development of modern species from long-extinct primitive organisms. Many modern species, such as the horse, have a clear fossil recor... More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs

Fossils provide a record of life on Earth from as long as 1 billion years ago, showing how organisms, animals and plants have changed over time. These records can be dated, so they are a physical representation of evolut... More »

The Black Sea deluge theory was proposed by Columbia University geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman in the 1990s, when the men believed they found evidence of a massive flood into the Black Sea sometime around 7500... More » World View Religion The Bible

Rocks are important because geologists use evidence from them to learn about what the Earth was like in the past. They allow scientists to build a historical record of the planet to learn what events occurred before peop... More »

Some famous geologists in history include Eratosthenes, James Hutton, Sir Charles Lyell, Mary Anning and Alfred Wegener. Others include Gene Shoemaker, William Smith, Friedrich Mohs and Inge Lehmann. More » Science Earth Science Geology

As of 2014, geologists contend that granite is a plutonic rock resulting from deeply buried shale and sandstone that melted, partially melted or metamorphosed, depending on the category of granite in question. Igneous gr... More » Science Earth Science Geology