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Fashion is a way to externalize your personality and allows you to mold into how you want the world to see you. After starting Beantown Blankets, I have seen fashion in a new light.


Fashion to me is “being you!” We are different people with different stories and too many different perspectives on life, well the same goes with fashion. As long as you are comfortable and confident, you can slay any outfit. Fashion is not just w...


Fashion does not mean anything to me as I think it is chain stores forcing people to dress all in a similar way for the season like clones. People should dress how they choose, in styles and colours they enjoy and that flatter them.


What fashion means to one person will be completely different than the next. We spoke to different women about what fashion means specifically to them. ... Don’t make fashion own you, but you ...


What does fashion mean to you? Being gorgeous in a dress that suits your body and the place where you are standing. Is that all you mean by fashion? Rather, the contemporary notion of fashion is more philosophical than describing materialistically. Thus, fashion is an art and fashion designer is an artist.


What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to tell someone something about you. Or at ...


What fashion Means To You…. To some of us, fashion can be a form of expression as articulate as a poem or a story. It can be a way of life, and even a profession. Fashion is also a glimpse into someone’s personality Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, or furniture.


“Fashion is a snapshot of what you like or how you feel at a particular time, because of its ever-changing state and the way in which we choose certain looks over others.” – Emma “Fashion to me means feeling good and wearing clothes I love, having fun with how I dress and not taking it all too seriously.”


What does “sustainable fashion” mean to you? Antonia: “For me, sustainable fashion means primarily that the fashion label knows where and under which conditions their clothing is produced. At best, the fashion label is a member of a Fairtrade organisation that regularly checks the factory standards.


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