A computer uses a set of complex electronic circuitry to automatically carry out stored, programmed tasks and functions. Most of the computer's main work is performed in the central processing unit. Computers can perform... More »

Computers play many important roles in society, helping to promote communication and interaction with others as well as providing users a way to shop, play games and have access to education. Additionally, computers prov... More »

To defrag a computer, click on the Start button, go to the defrag program, and hit the Analyze button if the program calls for it. Use the CHKDSK scanner to fix any errors before commencing the defrag program. More »

Computer hardware is a physical portion of a computer system and is generally tasked with functions specific to that type of equipment, while software is a set of instructions for hardware to follow in performing a speci... More »

The motherboard is plastic board that contains all of the circuitry and connectors required for the different parts of a computer. The circuits on top of the motherboard are very thin pieces of copper or aluminum foil th... More »

A computer processor is the logic circuitry that receives and processes the basic instructions given to a computer by the user. It harmonizes different processes inside the computer to deliver what the user needs. The sp... More »

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While some technical skills are general, others are incredibly specific such as a knowledge of medicine or the ability to rewire circuitry, meaning these skills are needed to perform a specific job or set of tasks, as no... More »