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Brand-new definition is - conspicuously new and unused; also : recently introduced. How to use brand-new in a sentence.


brand-new (brănd′no͞o′, -nyo͞o′) adj. Being in a fresh and unused condition; completely new. brand-new adj absolutely new [C16: from brand (n) + new, likened to newly forged iron] brand-new (ˈbrænˈnu, -ˈnyu, ˈbrænd-) adj. entirely new. [1560–70] brand′-new′ness, n. ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new ...


The meaning of "brand new" is thus, as also noted by the Online Etymology Dictionary, "fresh from the fire". I presume the term originally referred to items produced by a smithy, which were molded and tempered by the heat of a fire.

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acting a certain way or displaying characteristics that are not congruent with one's normal behavior.


The dictionary definition of Brand-New is “conspicuously or noticeably new and unused”. Since “newness” is a defining characteristic of the thing being discussed, “newness” is its visual identity and promise or “brand”. Brand is the visual mark of...


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site: *The original meaning of "brand," which was "burning or fire," in this case specifically a furnace, forge or kiln. Something "brand new" was an item, whether pottery or forged metal,

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When a person displays that they are better than their friends, or treats their friends indifferently, especially where there has been a relationship of good standing previously; hence the term 'new'. i.e. without any history with you.


brand new: different, or fake, or hateful, like they was born yesterday. The girls 'round here be acting brand new . She was there too, acting all brand new .


brand new definition: 1. completely new, especially not yet used: 2. completely new, especially not yet used: 3…. Learn more.