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In the Bible, "vanity" means that something is meaningless. It has no value, and therefore, it is a waste of time to chase after this item. Vanity is a word found throughout the Bible, which indicates its importance to the lessons being taught.


Bathroom vanity lights supplement overhead lights and eliminate the shadows around the nose and chin. The lights are usually installed on either side of a mirror to create a more flattering lighting scheme and make it easier to apply makeup or groom the face evenly.


Family is a key theme in the Bible, since it states God created humans for the purpose of living together as families. The Bible compares the church to a real family, noting it as a family of believers. According to the Christian view, once someone accepts God into his life, he is welcomed into God'


The Bible comprises two sections: the Old Testament, which tells the story of the Jews' migrations and covenants with God, and the New Testament, which tells the story of Jesus Christ. It opens with a description of the beginning of creation in the Book of Genesis and it concludes with a forete


The Bible describes God as the all powerful, majestic, sovereign creator of the universe. Genesis 1:1-31 describes the creation process while Colossians 1:16 summarizes it by mentioning that all things including heaven and earth whether visible or invisible were made by him. Psalm 36:5-7 further des


Ikea offers a variety of bathroom vanities in different styles, sizes, configurations and finishes. The bathroom vanities require two people to assist with assembly; instructions and manuals are available on the company's website. The furniture store has coordinating bathroom cabinets for those seek


Psalms 34:18 says that God "is close to the broken hearted; He saves those who are crushed in spirit." Second Corinthians 7:6 specifically notes that God comforts the depressed, according to the Amplified Bible.


An unfinished bathroom vanity is the unpainted or unstained wooden structure that supports the bathroom sink and counter top. Unfinished vanities, also called sink bases, are made with oak, maple, pine or cherry exterior while interior pieces, such as the back panel or drawer compartments, are made


In Leviticus 19:28, the Bible says, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am Lord." During the time that this biblical passage was written, tattoos were associated with pagan rituals and the Israelites were prohibited from that type of worship.


It is clear that the notion of ghosts existed in Biblical times (particularly as objects of hysterical terror) because, in the passage Matthew 14:26, Jesus walks on water and is mistaken for a ghost by his disciples. Their response is to become terrified and cry out in fear.