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It does not oxidize in air and it is able to scratch glass. Beryllium is used to make windows for X-ray tubes because it is transparent to X-rays. When beryllium is alloyed with copper, it produces beryllium bronze. Beryllium bronze is a wear resistant metal. Beryllium alloyed with nickel is used to make non-sparking tools and springs.


Many compounds of element 97, berkelium, have been prepared. Unlike the extremely short half-lives possessed by the superheavy elements like 117 and 118 that have been in the news recently, experiments on berkelium are relatively easy to perform and its chemistry has been studied in some detail.


Properties of berkelium. Berkelium is the eighth member of the actinide transition series. As a metal, it has a silvery appearance that rapidly oxidizes in air or oxygen at elevated temperatures ...


Berkelium's most stable isotope, berkelium-247, has a half-life of about 1,380 years. It decays into americium-243 through alpha decay. The first visible amounts of a berkelium compound, berkelium chloride (BkCl 3) was produced in 1962 and weighed about 3 billionths of a gram (0.000000003 grams).


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Berkelium is a soft, silvery-white, radioactive metal. The berkelium-249 isotope emits low-energy electrons and thus is relatively safe to handle. It decays with a half-life of 330 days to californium-249, which is a strong emitter of ionizing alpha particles. This gradual transformation is an important consideration when studying the ...


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Berkelium is a radioactive element with the atomic number 96. Nopractical uses for berkelium have been found and the small amountsthat have been created have been used exclusively for ...


Silicon, like boron, is a metalloid. This element is found in nearly pure form in silicon chips. More commonly, you encounter this element as its oxide in quartz. Although it looks glossy and somewhat metallic, it's too brittle to work like true metals.