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But then, which qualities you like depends on the person. So when you cook your steak, I would ask if you could've gotten the same taste or something even better with a cheaper cut of meat or a different dish entirely. If so, then just don't eat that expensive steak. It just so happens that you don't like the flavor/texture that other people prize.


This beef was at its best, tender, moist, not at all salty, bursting with subtle spice, and deliciously robust. This is the way corned beef should taste every time. It was hard to resist the ...


Well, there is NO other meat like beef. I cannot compare it to chicken nor pork, because it is nothing like those two. For someone who has never tried it, it might taste sort of metallic because it has so much blood in it. But the only way to know exactly what it tastes like is to try it. I reccomend hamburgers, first.


taste of sperm . everyone is different in their tastes, although to most people i assume it tastes much like warm very very salty fluid. Try it once, it won't kill you or get you pregnant.


What does Bison taste like? You can hear this question permeating in the beef aisle of your favorite market now and then. The reason could only boil down to one single reason — not much has been heard about this alternative as almost everyone is going after the perennial beef.


It tastes like corned beef. You know, the way chocolate taste like chocolate. Go to a store, buy a small piece and try it. Taste is totally subjective. Something that you deem inedible maybe absolutely delicious to some else. In short, no one can answer questions of this nature.


What does meat taste of? ... which are flavours that you wouldn't normally associate with beef, like 'cardboardy', a measure of rancidity." It's the same for lamb, pork or chicken, he adds. ...


Does brisket taste like steak or roast beef or what Description please. Brisket is usually barbecued or at least marinated, so it just takes on that flavor. It's a lot like barbecued beef, but t's got a slightly different texture and it can be stringy if it's not done properly. If you let it cook all day it is absolutely the best.


By contrast, a veggie burger tastes like, well, a veggie burger. It does not satisfy the craving because it does not look, smell or taste like beef. It does not bleed like beef.


I would like to add to the first answer that taste tests have shown that most US consumers do not like the taste of natural meat. They find it too gamy and it has "too much beef flavor."