The capital of Australia is Canberra, while the largest city is Sydney. Canberra is located in southeastern Australia and includes an area of about 300 square miles. Canberra had a population exceeding 380,000 people, as... More »

Australia matches the definition of an island, as it is surrounded by water on all sides. However, Australia is more frequently referred to as a continent rather than as an island; it is one of the largest land masses on... More »

Australia is both a country and a continent. It is the sixth largest country in terms of land area and is the only large country that is completely surrounded by water. Australia is slightly smaller than the United State... More »

The Australian national capital city of Canberra was created to settle a dispute between Melbourne and Sydney, two of the nation's largest cities, over which location would serve as the nation's capital. Much like the Di... More » Geography Australia

The latitude of Sydney, Australia is 33°52′04″ S, and the longitude is 151°12′26″ E, according to the WGS 84 coordinate reference system. This system is also known as the World Geodetic System and is used in mapping and ... More »

Sydney is Australia's oldest and largest city. New South Wales, where Sydney is located, is Australia's oldest state and was founded in 1788 by Captain John Phillips as a penal colony at Port Jackson. Over a third of Aus... More »

Australia is a massive country, with an area of approximately 2.97 million square miles and a population of approximately 23 million people as of 2014. In comparison, the continental United States has an area of 2.96 mil... More »