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The ignition igniter, also commonly known as the ignition module, is an engine management component found on many road going cars and trucks. It is an ignition system component that is responsible for providing the signal for the ignition coils to fire, so that the spark can be produced for cylinder combustion to occur. In some systems the igniter is also responsible for advancing and ...


The igniter is the step up transformer that sits inline between the engine control computer and the ignition coil. It takes the low amperage signal from the computer, usually a 12 volt square wave, and steps it up to higher amperage trigger signal for the ignition coil. Most use a high current rated transistor as its primary component.


A car igniter is a component in the car's engine that is responsible for sending a signal from within the distributor to the ignition coil, making the spark plugs fire. It is also known as the ignition control module. The igniter or ignition control module can be located inside the distributor or may be a separate component on its own.


What does a Toyota "Ignitor" do? ... but does happen infrequently at speed.I've replaced the coil {quite a light show going on under the hood from spark leakage} it is the correct resistance {Petronix brand}I do have a ongoing problem w/the alt/oil pressure light coming on but the alt. keeps the battery charged and O.P. is good.{i 've found the ...


what does an ignition control module actually do? 2 Answers. I have an 85 Ford Thunderbird-5.0 v8 that I just bought, and it appears to not be charging after I start the car and drive it for awhile. If I stop it and try to restart- no juice to start it. There i...


What Does an Ignition Coil Do? An ignition coil is a coil in a car's ignition system that carries the 6 or 12 volts from the battery to the many volts used to spark the spark plugs in the ignition. An ignition coil is also called a spark coil, and is classified as an induction coil.


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Try the ignition control module. Had the same problem with mine $36 part fixed it. The ignition control module is in the distributor and so is the pickup coil, but the ignition coil is by the battery.


It's not like a car that requires 12V to fire the ignition. Basically It gets a signal from the magnet on the flywheel. One wire from the ignitor to the coil, ground the ignitor to the block and it should fire the plug. Keep in mind there are two systems on a cart that affect spark, ... 95 club car igniter


Since turbine ignition systems are operated for a brief period during the engine-starting cycle, more trouble-free than the typical reciprocating engine ignition system. Continuous ignition is used in case the engine was to flame out. This ignition could relight the fuel and keep the engine from stopping. Gas turbine engines equipped with a high-energy, capacitor-type ignition system and are ...