Alligator meat is a firm, white meat with a mild, delicate flavor. Some describe it as tasting similar to chicken or frogs' legs. The meat from the tail is generally considered to be the best cut. More » Food Cooking

Lychee, also known as litchi, is a strawberry shaped fruit that tastes similar to grapes, strawberries and watermelon combined. Ripe lychees are sweet and flavorful. More »

Horehound candy has a sweet, mildly bitter flavor that combines elements of mint and black licorice. Homemade horehound candy is made from a mixture of sugar, cream of tartar and an infusion of boiled horehound leaves. More »

Alligator meat is tenderized in several different ways, including by using a cubing machine, flattening the meat physically using a meat mallet, heating the meat at a high temperature and cutting it lengthwise across the... More »

The taste of duck has frequently been compared to that of chicken, but with more flavor. Traditionally, it is richer in taste and also contains more cholesterol than other poultry More »

Peas change the taste of a tuna casserole by adding a sweet, fresh burst of flavor to the dish. Including peas in a casserole gives the dish a healthier taste. More » Food Cooking

There are a few different approaches to making brown gravy from scratch as some recipes use the pan drippings of roasted meat for flavor while others use stock or bullion. For example, one recipe for brown gravy calls fo... More »