Once a pendulum is moved, simple gravity is what keeps it swinging. Sometimes additional means are used such as weights, pulleys and springs. More »

According to Science World, a double pendulum is a system in which two pendulums are attached to each other. This simple physical arrangement shows chaotic tendencies. More »

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The law of the pendulum, discovered by Galileo Galilei, states that swinging objects follow the same path and have a period between swings that remains constant. Galileo attracted immediate attention for the discovery, w... More »

A perpetual, or self-winding, watch keeps itself wound using a component called a rotor which is moved by gravity when the arm swings or moves and is connected to gears that translate the movement to circular motion with... More »

There is no such thing as an antigravity room, because it is impossible to completely eliminate gravity. However, NASA has several means of creating a microgravity, or extremely low gravity environment, including drop to... More »

The length of a pendulum affects its swing because longer pendulums swing at lower frequencies. A lower frequency causes a longer period and a slower rate of swing. More »

The length of the pendulum is directly correlated to its period as per the pendulum equation: T = 2π√(L/g), where T is the period of the pendulum, L is its length, and g is the gravitational constant 9.8 m/s2. Regardless... More »