The neutral wire in electronics is the wire in which electricity returns from the hot wire. It is also connected to the ground wire. More »

The function of a neutral wire is to serve as the return path for the 120 volts of alternating current supplied by a hot wire. The neutral wire connects to an earth ground. More »

Live wires carry electric current toward a device, such as a main-powered appliance, while neutral wires carry electric current away from the device to close an electric circuit. Live wires are typically blue in color, w... More »

While pre-made LED assemblies designed to flash in time to music are available, it is also possible to make a custom LED light that will flash to the beat of a speaker using simple electronics equipment such as an Arduin... More »

Grounding strips, sometimes called grounding straps or electrostatic discharge straps, are devices designed to safely discharge any static electricity built up by a user when working with delicate electronics. A powerful... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical

Amplifiers operate over a frequency range that is normally between 20 and 20,000 hertz, according to Joe Roberts, a former U.S. Navy electronics engineer. Common power ratings for amplifiers range between 20 watts per ou... More » Technology Audio Equipment

The Yellow Pages is a useful resource for finding shops that perform repairs on phonographs and electronics. Users can access the Yellow Pages online for free. More » Technology Audio Equipment