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Lions are carnivorous animals, and they eat a combination of carrion scavenged from other predators and prey that they hunt themselves. Lions typically prey upon the large hoofed mammals of the African grasslands, such as zebras, gazelles or wildebeest.


Lions have been known to eat as much as 90 pounds of meat in a single sitting. Most of the time, the meals are much smaller, totalling around 11 pounds of meat a day.


Lions eat zebras, wildebeest, antelopes and other large grassland animals. Asiatic lions feed on small or large animals, including buffaloes, goats, nilgai, sambhar and chital. Lions prefer scavenging over hunting, and over half of a lion's diet consists of scavenged foods.


Lions need an average of 11 to 15 pounds of meat per day, but they do not need to eat every day. If a lion makes a large kill, it may eat up to 66 pounds of meat at once and then not eat for several days.


White lions are carnivorous like other lions and large cats, preferring to feed on zebras, wildebeest and other herbivores found in grassland habitats where lions dwell. Occasionally they even feed on large mammals such as cape buffalo and elephants.


The only predator lions face is humans who kill lions for sustenance, medicinal uses or other reasons. Lion hunting is an important Maasai tradition for demonstrating bravery. However, lions sometimes prey on animals that can fight back and kill them, such as crocodiles and sable antelopes.


Wild African lions' favorite foods are medium-sized to large hoofed animals such as zebras, gazelles, wildebeests, impalas and warthogs. Their prey ranges in size from rodents to Cape buffalo and also includes reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and eggs. In zoos, lions receive beef and bones. All lio


Lions are carnivores and eat most animals they are able to catch, but they prefer large, hoofed animals such as zebra. They have also been seen hunting buffalo, impala and giraffes.


Killer whales and sharks eat sea lions. Although sea lions swim faster than both predators, killer whales and sharks are often able to surprise them before they can escape.


Mountain lions don't have any natural predators. A mountain lion's only concern is being hunted by humans. Mountain lions typically prey on deer, coyotes and raccoons.