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To become a life coach, enroll in a life-coaching course from a school that's accredited by the International Coaching Federation. This federation is the governing body for all legitimate life coaching schools. Additionally, you are expected to attend all classes and pa...


Life coach certification requirements vary depending on the institution and type of certification. Students must typically complete in-class, online or self-paced training, fulfill a specific number of paid or volunteer coaching hours, and pass a written or oral exam.


Becoming a coach for universities or professional sports teams usually requires obtaining a bachelor's degree and developing prior experience in playing a particular sport. High-school coaches are usually employed as teachers, although some coaches are hired specificall...


To clean a Coach product, read its care label, rub the leather areas with Coach Leather Cleaner, buff the clean leather with Coach Leather Moisturizer, and dab fabric areas with Coach Fabric Cleaner. This procedure takes about 40 minutes and requires latex gloves, a sof...


The customer service phone number for Coach is 888-262-6224 as of 2015. Coach.com provides a customer service email link and information on returns and exchanges.


A bachelor's degree is required for college coaching, although many schools prefer hiring a coach with a master's degree. Schools typically require CPR training or certification of both high school and college coaches. Bachelor's degrees are common among high school coa...


To become a football coach, gather experience and knowledge about the game and acquire a bachelor's degree in education. A career as a football coach requires time and commitment. Inquire about coaching positions around your area.