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The winged heart is a symbol of the Universal Sufism movement and it generally symbolizes ascension. The symbol within the heart, such as the five-pointed star, represents divine light and the crescent moon under the star represents responsiveness to the light. The winged symbol was reportedly chose


Symbolism has many effects, such as allowing writers to add multiple layers of meaning to their work, making characters and themes more universal, and engaging readers' interest. Symbolism is the literary practice of using objects, people or situations to represent ideas that are greater than the ob


A star represents the "heavens." This is in reference to the biblical instruction, Genesis 1:1, which mentions "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Various celestial bodies including comets, galaxies and stars are referred to as the "heavens."


The color blue symbolizes many things, including depth and stability. Often considered a male color, blue is also considered to be correlated with cold or cool, and calm, as it is the color of the sky and sea.


Fire consumes, illuminates and brings warmth but can also bring pain and death; thus, fire symbolizes various aspects of life depending on the context of its use. Fire is often used as symbol of hope and inspiration but also predominantly symbolizes Hell.


The color yellow typically symbolizes happiness, warmth, sunshine and optimism; in traffic signs yellow symbolizes caution. Yellow can also indicate illness, such as in the yellowing of the skin with jaundice. In some religions, such as Hinduism, yellow represents the gods.


The bear is generally feared and admired at the same time for its strength and power. In Native American culture, the bear symbolizes strength, confidence and courage.


To Christianity, the cross symbolizes redemption through the sacrificial death by crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It stands for suffering, triumph and victory. The Celtic cross represents the unfolding mystery of life and personal navigation through the spiritual, cyclical and time-oriented journey to


The sun has been a symbol of power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life in many cultures and religions throughout time. Some believe it is a representation of the higher self, while others see the sun as a god to be worshiped.


The river is typically used to symbolize the power of nature. A river is also often used as a symbol of fertility, as it fills the soil surrounding it with moisture. The river is also used as a symbol of the passage of time.