The sound made by male giraffes is similar to a loud human cough and is used to attract a potential mate. Researchers have observed giraffes making noises both in the wild and in captivity, often during the mating season... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Giraffes

The giraffe is a tall mammal with long legs, a spotted coat and an elongated neck. This mammal is the tallest in the world, with male giraffes growing as tall as 18 feet. More »

A giraffe's height is an evolutionary adaptation that allows it to feed from tall trees and other sources of vegetation. The long tongue of the giraffe, which can grow to 21 inches in length, is a similar adaptation desi... More »

The giraffe, or giraffa camelopardalis, is endangered due to habitat loss, the breaking up of habitat areas, the lack of suitability in existing habitats, poaching and new human population growth. Giraffes need to find h... More »

The giraffe is adapted to its habitat by being able to reach high food with its long neck and tall body. This gives it an advantage during times of food scarcity and drought when the only sustenance is up high on trees. More »

Giraffes have several ways of protecting themselves, including moving in large groups that make it hard to pick out just one giraffe from the rest of the group. They also defend themselves by their fierce karate-style ki... More »

Melanin, which creates dark pigmentation in skin, is responsible for giraffe tongues' dark color. Although it is unknown exactly why giraffes have tongues that appear blue, purple and sometimes almost black, scientists b... More »