Immature crickets resemble their adult versions but lack wings, while older nymphs begin to show the development of wings. Crickets are insects that are usually brown or black in color and are notable for their long ante... More »

The wild turkey is a relatively large bird with a long neck, body and legs with dark, somewhat iridescent feathers. Although the turkey can fly, its wing feathers are short, and the feathers of its tail are fan-shaped. More »

A million in numbers is 1,000,000. A million is also written as M or 106. Some writing style guides include rules that call for a million to be written as 1 million. More »

Baby earwigs, called nymphs, are a juvenile form of the earwig, a common insect that is characterized by the pair of forceps pincers on its abdomen. Earwig nymphs closely resemble their adult forms, although much smaller... More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Young dragonflies, or naiads, are wingless with six legs and a segmented abdomen; they are stout and show the beginnings of wings. Dragonfly naiads inhabit slow-moving waterways, and they live among the detritus at the b... More » Pets & Animals Bugs

Baby termites look like smaller versions of adult termites. Because termites undergo incomplete metamorphosis, they do not start out as caterpillars and then pupate. They begin as small larvae that successively molt unti... More »

Jerusalem crickets, also known as potato bugs, can bite humans, but they don't release any poisonous venom. Jerusalem crickets typically bite when they feel threatened. Fortunately, their bodies don't contain glands for ... More »