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2000 WOG meant 2000 psig cold working pressure rating in Water (W) Oil (O) or Gas (G) service. Likewise 1000 WOG means 1000 psig in water, oil or gas service. ASME and API do not typically use ratings like this. They more commonly refer to pressure classes such as Class 150, Class 300 and Class 600.


Re: What does WOG stand for on valves; Author: redwood (CT) The 200 WOG is a class rating that corresponds to the pressure specifications of ANSI 16.34. The valve is capable of many different pressures with different materials and temperatures. To fully comprehend its meaning you probably have to get a copy of the ANSI Spec.


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2000 WOG Ball Valve Manufacturer Landee supplies 2 pieces Stainless Steel 2000 PSI WOG Ball Valves with Butt-Welded, Socket-Welded, threaded Connetion.Butt-Welded, Socket-Welded, threaded Connetion.


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Some valves are governed by API Spec 6A which will carry the WOG mark, and is a little broader than the above. In this spec the WOG rating is the working pressure of the valve at whatever temp class it is in. These valves come in 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 15,000 and 20,000 WOG ratings with temperature classes from -75F to 350F.


The WOG rating stands for water, oil and gas and indicates the maximum pressure per square inch that the valve can take. Each valve is given a WOG rating, which should not be exceeded. Each different material that the valve is mad of has different limits in temperature and pressure.


What do WOG Refer to in the case of valves? I could find some valve's Pressure Rating are mentioned as 200 psi/WOG. I think they are saying that the valve can withstand 200psi pressure for water/oil/gas. Correct me if I am wrong...


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It reflects the rating for the valve at water steam temperature. The valve manufacturer does not know if a valve is for domestic or industrial use, he just gives a pressure rating that reflects the values the valve is tested to withstand. WOG and WSP are values of pressure for low and high temperatures, to say it in a simple way.