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What Does 10kp Mean on a Gold Ring? The letters KP stand for karat plumb. These letters indicate that the ring in question is guaranteed to contain gold that has a purity grading equal to or greater than the amount stamped, which is 10 karat in this case.


What does 10k-p mean on a ring? I found a few rings from years ago. They say 10k-p figure that meant plated. however the rings still have the same look as i got them over 20 years ago. Are they plated what does the 10k-P mean?


Karat Plumb - What does it Mean? If you've got a piece of gold jewellery you might find a stamp on it that gives the caratage of the piece followed by the letters KP. For example, 14KP, or even 585KP. The KP stands for "Karat Plumb".


What does 14KP stylecrest mean on a gold ring? " 14K P" is solid gold. The P, does not stand for plated, but PLUMB, meaning exactly being of 14K content - solid 14K.


My inside of ring is stamped 10k p c. I have a 10k gold ring with cmc 10k * stamped inside? I have a gold ring with ldp ltd stamped inside what does it mean? Pc stamp inside ring. I have 200 stamped on inside of a gold diamond ring? I found a gold ring with "yr" stamped into the inside, what does this mean? Cluster diamond ring stamped 10kt pc


what does the mark 10kp mean on jewelry items? 10kp stands for 10k plumb. That means the manufacturer guarantees that it will assay to be .417 fine gold and .583 alloy. 10kp DOES NOT mean plate ...


What does that mean? ... 10kp means 10k gold karat plumb. This term refers to the exact purity of the gold; 10k is 41.6% gold so the KP indicates that your necklace contains a gold content of 41.6% or higher. The 925 means that your item also contains sterling silver. Based on your description, this necklace is gold vermeil, which is a specific ...


I have a ring that is marked 10K PC...what does the PC mean? Thanks!


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Marking system for rings, Hallmarks. A discussion started in 2004 but continuing through 2018. 2004. Q. I have an old solitaire gold ring. Inside there is no hallmark, but I think it has been made smaller (I have lost most of the hallmarks on my rings by making them smaller.) There is a marking inside it says MCIAPLAT 436. What does that mean?